PlayStation 2 SATA Network Adapter Conversion Kit
PlayStation 2 SATA Network Adapter Conversion Kit
PlayStation 2 SATA Network Adapter Conversion Kit

PlayStation 2 SATA Network Adapter Conversion Kit

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Use a SATA hard-drive with the original Sony network adaptor

Custom in-house PCB design

Works with most SATA hard-drives

Unlock additional features from your PS2

Compatible with all Phat versions of the Playstation 2 models

5-Minute Installation - Instructions included

A Phillips and a Torx (size6) screwdriver required for installation


As we know, Sony PS2 network adapter only work with the IDE hard drivers, but the IDE hard drivers has been discontinued for many years, its very hard to find a new IDE in the market, it has been completely replaced by the SATA hard drivers. This unit allows you to upgrade the Official Sony Network Adaptor (which is an IDE connection) and replace it with a SATA upgrade board, this will allow you to use your original Sony Network Adaptor support a more faster and large capacity SATA hard drive.

Packing includeed:

1x PlayStation 2 PS2 IDE network-adaptor to SATA hard drive adaptor

1x Flat flex cable

1x Installation instruction

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