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When will I receive my order?

Our typical turnaround time for modification work is 3-4 weeks, excluding weekends and holidays. This turnaround time isn’t concrete and could extend longer due to our workload and/or other factors outside of our control, such as shipment/delivery delays. Accessories will usually ship within a week. If you shipped your console to us, processing time doesn't start until AFTER our mailbox pickup day. We pick up orders on Fridays. Please allow the processing time to pass before requesting an update on your order.

I just paid for one of your services; where do I ship my console?

Please ship only your console, no cables or controller. Please leave a note with your order number inside the package and pack your console well to ensure it arrives undamaged in transit. We will not be held responsible for your console if it's damaged during transit. Please make sure it is in fully working condition before shipping. We will not perform any modifications on any consoles needing repairs. If we receive your console in non-working condition, we will refund you for the services requested minus the $24.99 service charge and return shipping.

Ship your console to:
PowrUp Gaming
4501 New Bern Ave STE 130 Box: 280
Raleigh, NC 27610

I shipped my console to you. Did you receive it?

We typically pick up our packages from our secure mailbox on Fridays. If your console shows delivered any time before or after a Friday, please wait until the following Friday to receive a notification from us.

Do you ship worldwide?

We ship worldwide.EU Countries may have to pay VAT fees upon delivery. International shipping is calculated at checkout and will vary in price based on your package's location, size, and weight.

How much is return shipping for your Send in Services?

Return shipping is calculated and charged upfront at checkout, making it convenient to pay once and ship your console. This applies to international customers as well.

Can I ship my console in the original box?

Please do not include your original box, as this requires much larger packages, and we don't have the space to keep large packages. If you include your original box you will be billed for additional shipping cost due to the added size and weight.

Do you offer any warranty?

We offer a 90-day warranty for our consoles and modification work. This warranty period starts after your delivery date. 

I want a modification service that's not listed on your website

If you require a service that isn't listed, please get in touch with us via the contact page for a quote. 

Do you do repairs?

Unfortunately, we do not offer repair services.

Can you load games on my hard drive or SD Card?

We don't provide or load games on your console or storage device for any reason.

Why is there a $25 charge for your Send in Services?

This charge covers the complete disassembly and reassembly of your console before and after we perform our service. It also covers functionality testing for things such as audio/video, cartridge slot/disc reader, memory card/hard drive, controller ports, and power/eject/reset buttons before we begin servicing your console.