Optional Mods

GDEMU provided is the Chinese clone. It's an SD Card reader that replaces the disc drive. It allows faster load times and makes your console region free! Do NOT update this or you will brick it!

Noctua Fan Mod
This mod replaces the stock fan with a quieter fan that also cools your console better.

Power LED Mod
Change the power LED to your color of choice

Full Recap with New Capacitors
If you want a fully restored Dreamcast choose to have all the capacitors replaced on the main board and power supply. High quality capacitors are from Console5! This is a great investment to ensure your console will be operating up to spec for the another 25+ years!

Region Free Bios
Original BIOS will be swapped with a Region Free BIOS of your choice to play games and imports from any region.

Power Mod
Only to be used with GDEMU. One 12v voltage regulator is removed to reduce heat and power consumption since the GDROM Drive is removed.