Nintendo NES Services
Nintendo NES Services
Nintendo NES Services
Nintendo NES Services

Nintendo NES Services

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Nintendo Entertainment NES Console modification service. Please see a detailed description of each addon modification offered below.

Return shipping will be calculated at checkout. Pay once, ship your console, and your console will be shipped back when service is complete.

Use OEM or good quality third-party AC Adapter from sellers below

NESRGB by Tim Worthington
This mod enables your NES to output RGB for excellent picture quality with the option to use either SNES Multi Out connector(Not included w/ kit), 8pin Mini Din w/ 3.5mm audio jack, Component(Not Included w/ kit), or SVideo. Whatever your use case, this mod will have a solution for you. The kit will also come with a palette switch to select a color palette you like. You can find more information and purchase this mod kit here.

Expansion Audio
Enables expanded audio from Japanese games that utilize it.

Blinking Light Win
This replaces the original 72-pin connector with a more reliable connector that will boot games on the first try 99% of the time. This connector is also not prone to failure like the stock connector. It also comes with its lockout chip that's disabled, so if you have this, you won't have to disable the chip on the main board. You can get more info and purchase on your own here.

New Capacitors
If you want a fully restored console, making it new again, choose to have all the capacitors replaced. Capacitors in all electronic's general lifespan is about 25-30 years until they dry up. When this happens, your console's audio and/or video will begin to degrade and fail to power on anymore. Replacing capacitors is preventative maintenance and an excellent investment to keep your consoles or electronics working up to spec for several more years.

UltraSonic Wash and Polish
Plastics and metal parts get a complete inside and out cleaning in our UltraSonic cleaner! It will be disinfected entirely to ensure you receive your console germ and dust-free. After cleaning, consoles/controllers are dried and polished with 303 UV Protectant coating to give a brand-new shine and protection against dirt, dust, and UV. 

PowrUp Gaming provides a 30 Day Return Policy and 90 Day Warranty on all products and services. This return policy is only granted for defects and/or failures in terms of product or alteration/modifications within this period. Please see our full Warranty and Return Policy HERE 

When purchasing a service, return shipping cost will be charged upfront at checkout. All consoles are subject to a 1-3 week turn-around time. Please note that the turn-around time isn't strictly limited to 1-3 weeks. However, depending on volume, orders may take several days to ship. Consoles must be sent to me in fully operational order and in a sanitary state. Consoles that are sent to me in an unsanitary state such as but not limited to insect infestation will be charged an additional fee or even denied service. A refund will be given minus the service fee and return shipping costs. 

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