GDEMU Sega Dreamcast V5.20 New Model ODE Optical Drive Board USA

GDEMU Sega Dreamcast V5.20 New Model ODE Optical Drive Board USA

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Please pay attention that:

The V5.20.3 GDEMU can be updated. However, the update process of this product is complicated, and the product will brick if the operation is wrong.

1. New v5.20(v5.20.3) GDEMU, easy to installation, no need to soldering and to modification to the console.

2. The GDEMU has silent operation and faster read speeds than the disc drive.

3. Replace your failing disc drive.

4. Only suitable for VA1 motherboard DC game machine, otherwise will damage GDEMU. White Interface Height of GDEMU is about 8mm.

5. The GDEMU 5.20 accepts maximum memory card is 512 GB.

New features:

1) System code update

2) Automatic timing profiles for SoA and RE:CV

3) New INI option to manually cap GDEMU speed


1) Fixed the issue of Arcadia opening freezes.

2) Fixed the issue of not being able to get a slot item caused by the Veronica Tiger Head Jewel Bug.

3) Some images that were not recognized by the old version of the firmware can now be recognized.

For example:

-ルームメイト・麻美 -おくさまは女高生

-Director'sEdition/Roommate Asami

-Okusama wa Joshikousei

-Director's Edition

4) Some GDI images that have been streamlined and reorganized by the tool before can be recognized on the old version of the firmware, but may not be recognized and unrecognized on the new version of the firmware.

For example:

the US version of the simplified and reorganized ダイナマイト刑事2 cannot be recognized.

However, the GDI mirror of the unmodified and streamlined ダイナマイト刑事2 can be recognized.

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