Citrus3000psi 3DO RGB Install Service
Citrus3000psi 3DO RGB Install Service
Citrus3000psi 3DO RGB Install Service

Citrus3000psi 3DO RGB Install Service

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Your console will be lightly cleaned on the outside of the console. We disinfect according to the latest CDC guidelines and thoroughly test your console before we begin our installation services. Once we complete your console will be well packed to ensure you receive it safely.

This is an installation service for citrus3000psi 3DO RGB Kit. According to citrus3000psi this works on all models except the Anvil Models (Late FZ-10 and Goldstar GDO-202). Please make sure your console is compatible before shipping for service or contact us for help. 

You can use 8pin miniDIN for SCART. You can purchase a compatible cable from Retro-Access. The 9pin miniDIN for use with HDRetrovision component cables.

Return shipping will be calculated at checkout. Pay once, ship your console and your console will be shipped back when service is complete. 

Will ship in 10-15 business days after receiving your console

Citrus3000psi 3DO RGB
This enables your 3DO to output RGB video quality in 240p and 480i modes via a switch that will be installed with the RGB board.

Powr Up Gaming provides a 30 Day Return Policy and 90 Day Warranty on all products and services. This return policy is only granted for defects and/or failures in terms of product or alteration/modifications within this period. Please see our full Warranty and Return Policy HERE 

When purchasing a service, return shipping cost will be charged upfront at checkout. All consoles are subject to a 2-3 week turn-around time. Please note that the turn-around time isn't strictly limited to 2-3 weeks. Consoles must be sent to me in fully operational order and in a sanitary state. Consoles that are sent to me in an unsanitary state such as but not limited to insect infestation will be charged an additional fee.

All other products sold such as "PreModded Made to Order" products are typically shipped within 2-3 weeks. However, depending on volume, orders may take several days to ship.


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