I recovered from covid and have resumed working on orders. I ask for your patience as I work to catchup on my backlog. Thanks
I recovered from covid and have resumed working on orders. I ask for your patience as I work to catchup on my backlog. Thanks
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Sega Saturn Region Free BIOS Installation Service

Sega Saturn Mod Services

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Your console will be lightly cleaned on the outside of the console. We disinfect according to the latest CDC guidelines and thoroughly test your console before we begin our installation services. Once we complete your console will be well packed to ensure you receive it safely.

This is for our Sega Saturn mod services. We currently offer Region Free Bios, FRAM and Phantom Universal Mods. Please select which mods you want then proceed to checkout. We have have all parts needed if you require us to provide them. Return shipping will be calculated at checkout. Pay once, you send your console to me and I will ship it back when service is complete. 

Will ship 3-4 weeks not including weekends and holidays after receiving your console

Note - The Rhea and Fenrir is only compatible with 20pin Saturns which are usually found in Model 1 Saturn's. This is an ODE that enables your Saturn to play backups, home brew and translations from an SD Card. It also can play imports from any region making your Saturn Region Free! It basically the same as an Everdrive or Flashcart but for a disc based console. 

Terraonion MODE
MODE is an Optical Drive Emulator(ODE) for Dreamcast, Saturn and PS1 that replaces the disc drive and is 100% compatible with all games. You can use a 2.5" SATA HDD/SSD, USB Flash Drive and/or Micro SD Card with MODE! It also has auto Region Patching making your consoles Region Free! For more in visit the original Devs website HERE

Region Free Bios
This modchip enhances your Saturn to play retail imports from any region including Japanese games.

Phantom Universal Modchip
The Phantom Universal allows your Saturn to boot backup discs

This replaces the SRAM chip that holds your save data with a FRAM chip for a solution to keep your game saves FOREVER even with the internal clock battery dies in the Saturn. 

Full Recap with New Capacitors
If you want a fully restored console making it basically new again choose to have all the capacitors replaced. Capacitors in all electronics general lifespan is about 25-30 years until they start to dry up. When this happens your consoles audio and/or video will begin to degrade and even worse fail to power on anymore. Replacing capacitors is preventative maintenance and a good investment to keep your consoles or electronics working up to spec for several more years!

Full Service Wash and Polish
Console/controller gets a complete inside and out cleaning in warm soapy water. After they're dried they're polished with 303 UV Protectant coating to give a brand new shine and protection against dirt, dust and UV.

Powr Up Gaming provides a 30 Day Return Policy and 90 Day Warranty on all products and services. This return policy is only granted for defects and/or failures in terms of product or alteration/modifications within this period. Please see our full Warranty and Return Policy HERE 

When purchasing a service, return shipping cost will be charged upfront at checkout. All consoles are subject to a 3-4 week turn-around time. Please note that the turn-around time isn't strictly limited to 3-4 weeks. Consoles must be sent to me in fully operational order and in a sanitary state. Consoles that are sent to me in an unsanitary state such as but not limited to insect infestation will be charged an additional fee.

All other products sold such as "PreModded Made to Order" products are typically shipped within 3-4 weeks. However, depending on volume, orders may take several days to ship.


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